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Creating a CloudSite

A CloudSite provides the resources necessary to run your application such as CPU cycles, memory, disk space, etc. It's recommended that you create a CloudSite for each application you're developing. All CloudSites have reserved resources so one CloudSite will never interfere with another CloudSite's performance or cause downtime.


  1. Log in to your GearHost Account
  2. Click on the Add CloudSite blue button at the top right
  3. Enter a friendly name for your application. The name will create a temporary URL that you can use such as It's useful for previewing changes before updating your DNS records
  4. Select the desired CloudSite plan for your application
  5. Click on Create CloudSite near the bottom of the page
  6. After your CloudSite has finished building, click on its blue title text to manage it. Additional menu options will display so you can manage your FTP login credentials, downloading publishing files, add a domain, manage e-mail and more!

Tip: All hosting plans come with one GB of storage. We charge $0.25 per additional GB you use automatically.

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