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How To Publish Your App From Visual Studio

Publishing your application from Visual Studio is simple and easy with GearHost regardless of your Visual Studio version.

Download the publishing file

We make it easy to publish from Visual Studio by providing you a fully encapsulated publishing file that you will import into Visual Studio. To get this file you will need to:

  1. Log in to your GearHost account
  2. Click the CloudSite name you want to upload your application to
  3. Click the Publish tab
  4. Click the Visual Studio button under the Application Publishing Files heading

This will download a {cloudsitename}.publish file to your local computer storage.


  1. Launch Visual Studio and open your existing web application project
  2. In Solution Explorer Right click on your web application and select Publish Web App
  3. In the Publish wizard window select Profile and select Import under the Select a publish target menu
  4. Browse to the {cloudsitename}.publish file you downloaded above and select OK
  5. Click the Publish button

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