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My Site is Suspended

1. What causes suspension?

1. Over usage of resources
  • Examine your monitor tab to figure out which resource you have an overage on
  • Scale your site
2. Your payment details need updated
  • Double check that your credit card has not expired.
  • Check to see that your billing details are correct

2. How do I update my billing details?

2. Select the billing menu
3. Click the Payment Details

3. Important notes about suspension

  • Uptime tracking sites will not report your site as down. Make sure you are using content tracking if you would like to be updated when your site is suspended.
  • The suspension is an automated system and we are unable to grant extensions


If are receiving a 200 error on your site then logging into your account will show why your account has gone into suspension. Please follow the above steps to unsuspend your account.

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