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Installing PHP and Zend Extensions on a CloudSite

This article covers two steps needed to install custom PHP and Zend extensions for use with your CloudSite application. This article will demo installing two extensions. one being MongoDB a regular extension and the second IonCube a Zend extension. The steps are:

  1. Download and Upload the extensions
  2. Configure the CloudSite from your portal to load the extensions

Download and Upload the extensions

  1. Download the appropriate extension that you wish to run with your application
  2. Create a folder called bin under the /site/wwwroot using any FTP client

It is important you download the appropriate version of the extension you are intending to run. by default the CloudSite will run in 32 bit mode unless changes in your configuration. You should also download Non Thread Safe versions of your extension if available.

Configure the CloudSite from your portal to load the extensions

  1. Log in to your GearHost Account
  2. Click on the CloudSite menu option if not already active
  3. Select your CloudSite and go to the config tab config-tab
  4. scroll down until you reach the app settings section
  5. For PHP extensions, create a PHP_EXTENSIONS key
  6. For Zend extensions, create a PHP_ZENDEXTENSIONS key php-zend-extensions
  7. For the value type in the location of the DLL you uploaded in step one (example below)

If you wish to load multiple extensions or Zend extensions, create a comma separated value for the app settings Make sure to not leave any spaces in the comma separated paths

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