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Getting Started with FTP

Publishing your app using your favorite FTP client couldn't be easier with GearHost. As with all FTP clients you will need the hostname, username and password. If you don't have any FTP client installed, please be sure to check out our guide on installing FileZilla here.

FTP credentials

  1. Log in to your GearHost Account
  2. Click on your CloudSite
  3. Select the Publish tab
  4. Your information will be displayed below "FTP Publishing Credentials"

It should look something like this:

Username: yourcloudsitename\$yourcloudsitename  
Password: S0M3RaV3RYjMtvL0NGLJhuiPA$$W0RDeEiiuF6DRPZK8p3RMC6

Can I set my own password?

No, however it can be reset by clicking the Reset Password button on the right hand side.

Can I create another FTP user?

At this time we do not support additional FTP accounts per CloudSite.

Where do I upload my files?

The webroot directory for your CloudSite is /site/wwwroot/

Import publishing file(s) in FileZilla

We provide a XML file that you can import to FileZilla. This file saves your FTP connection to the Site Manager which makes it easier to connect. On the same Publish menu, click on the FileZilla icon to download the XML file.

  1. Launch FileZilla
  2. Under the File menu select Import...
  3. Browse for the .xml file you just downloaded
  4. Select OK on the Import Settings dialog box
  5. Select OK on the Import Successful confirmation box
  6. Under the File menu select Site Manager
  7. Under My Sites select your CloudSite and click Connect

Tip: If you're using Kudu or Git your username is $yourcloudsitename instead of yourcloudsitename$yourcloudsitename If you're still having issues please open a support ticket and we'll help you out!

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