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Installing Filezilla

Filezilla is an open source FTP client that easily allows you to upload, download, and maintain files on remote servers. It's our recommended FTP program because it's easy to use, it's cross platform, and it works great!

  1. Download the FileZilla Client here
  2. Run the Filezilla installation file you just downloaded
  3. Proceed with completing the installation steps in their wizard

Congratulations, Filezilla is installed on your computer and now you can start uploading your app!

FTP credentials

Please follow our guide here, as we will show you where to locate your FTP publishing credentials!

How to use Filezilla

Not sure how to use Filezilla? There's a great guide provided here that shows you the basics on how to upload/download files to the remote server. It's as easy drag and drop!

Tip: Having issues connecting to your CloudSite? If you have a firewall enabled please allow the exception for Filezilla. If you're still having issues please open a support ticket.

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